business events

What better way than a FunnyBooth to share your brand, gain interest in your event, increase your employees morale or your business revenue! Just think of all the work you put into creating the perfect holiday party, celebrating the launch of a new store or having a community event; with FunnyBooth the event itself becomes a highly effective marketing tool!


The average Facebook user has over 300 friends and great photos from your company or event will reach many of them in the best way possible, through real organic sharing not paid advertisements! With custom backdrops and prints designed to highlight your brand you'll be sure to give everyone an experience they always remember and attract more people for future events!


We can help you create a social media plan that will fit your needs ensuring that your event and images get optimum positive brand exposure. After the party is over we will provide a full report on the event so you can see first hand how many people you approximately reached through our unique FunnyBooth experience. Now that's something to celebrate!