What locations will Funnybooth go to?

Our services are currently available in the Spokane, WA and Coeur d'Alene, ID areas, but we love to travel! Rates may vary depending on distance. Contact us HERE.


We currently offer three packages.  You can view our packages HERE.

*Half payment is due upon booking, 2nd half is due 7 days before the event.  Your 2nd payment will be processed automatically for your convenience. All payments are non refundable.

How far in advance should I reserve the FunnyBooth?

Our booths are available on a first come first serve basis so we suggest booking your FunnyBooth as soon as your date is set and the venue has been secured. Check our BOOK NOW section for available packages and dates.

HOW MUCH Space is required?

We recommend anywhere from a (6’ x 5’) to a (9’ x 7’) area, but it can be bigger or smaller depending on your situation.

Is there a deposit to rent the FunnyBooth?

Half payment is due upon booking, 2nd half is due 7 days prior to event. Your 2nd payment will be processed automatically for your convenience. All payments are non refundable.


No, there are no refunds. We are committed to serving our customers with great service so we never double book dates and block out necessary time for your event the moment you book FunnyBooth. If for some reason you decide to cancel your event before the 2nd payment is processed you will not be charged the 2nd half of payment.

What forms of payment does FunnyBooth accept?

We accept all major credit cards including paypal!

Do you offer discounts for non-profits, Military, veterans, or first responders?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount to all listed above!

How many photos are we allowed to take?

Unlimited photos!!! Yes, that's right take as many as your heart desires with any package.

If my event is outside do I need to provide a tent or covered area for the FunnyBooth?

A tent or covered area isn’t required, but highly recommended. Our FunnyBooths cannot function in the rain, and environmental variables like sun and wind can be tricky to deal with.

Does someone stay with the FunnyBooth THE WHOLE TIME?

Yes, for (Unlimited or Digital Packages) we will be there the whole night to ensure smooth operation throughout the event and help your guests if they need it. We specifically deigned our Selfie Stand to be autonomous and run seemlessly on its own.

How long before my photos will be uploaded to the web gallery?

Photos are uploaded within 24 hours of the event so you won't have to wait long to see every photo taken from the event!

Do my event images have to be uploaded to a public web gallery?

Nope! You get to choose if you'd like them public or password protected. We suggest to keep public access so your guests can view them. Either way the choice is yours!

Do I get the high resolution images after my event?

Yes, of course! We want you to be able to cherish your pictures for years to come. You will be able to view all of them in an online gallery within 24hrs of event!

What if my venue doesn't have cell service?

If your venue doesn't have cell service you will be unable to share photos on social media during the event. Don't worry! We will upload all photos as soon as we get back to cell service in your own web gallery then you and your guests will be able to share photos online as much as you'd like!